Try taking a little child an Eagle


Australia has tried to pick up a small child snatched a black Eagle. One sees it saved the child crying.On Wednesday, the incident took place during an exhibition of wild animals in the country.

Alica Springs Desert in central Australia, the most popular being a wild animal exhibition on July 6. Next to her sat a small child. Suddenly a black Eagle flew tried to pick up the child. A shout from the crowd sees it, the child was saved. The child is afraid of.

Witnesses said the man tried to pick up the child of an Eagle to describe the Eagle, a small animal, such as “trying to do.

eaglethumbSix  to eight years old. Eagle while trying to pick up the child gets hit in the face, which has created deep wounds. Christine from Victoria stats Harasama led by O’Connell on Wednesday with her husband went to the pack. The attack occurred.

Christine led by O’Connell told the BBC that the Eagle can fly up to 15 m with a small child. He said the man, who was sitting next to the child, and he has quickly captured the incident.

Green Hoodie Eagle to pick up the child at the park staff  tried to secure his release. The child was crying in fear after the incident began. Eagle’s nails with a little boy’s blood. However, the child was injured too.


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