Turkey Appointed Acting Army Chief


The rebels failed military coup in Turkey, after acting as the new army chief, who has been appointed President Umital Danadara. On Friday night, a part of the country’s military coup attempt. No comment so far from the beginning of military operations in their statement, nothing was found. I even know where he is going.The situation has been appointed acting army chief.

According to the BBC report, the coup, some soldiers surrendered, while others are still going to fight. A statement from the e-mail has been sent to Reutes. They continue to fight the conviction has announced. The tanks are still lying in the streets of Istanbul. Some of the tanks were abandoned because there is a clear light of day.There are on soldiers. Is next to the police and curious people in general. Salaphi raise his standing beside the tank.

The prosecutor’s office said that 42 people were killed overnight in clashes between Turkish officials quoted by Reuters said,but, at least 60 people were killed.336 people were detained.


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