Turkey Coup ‘betrayal’:Erdogan

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan addresses during an attempted coup in Istanbul, Turkey July16, 2016. REUTERS/Huseyin Aldemir

Turkish capital, Ankara,President resipa Tayyip Erdogan returns. After the coup, he returned to the capital in a live televised speech to avoid military operations in the country ‘betrayal’,as mentioned. At the time, he was surrounded by his supporters.

Meanwhile, last night, 42 people were killed in clashes with the military coup in Ankara. Most of them civilians, were reported in the country. However, according unconfirmed sources, 17 policemen were killed.

Meanwhile, according to the BBC, the country’s first prime minister denied a military coup. He said some of the soldiers announced chaotic. But most important of all establishments in the country can be seen in the position they have taken. From concept is deliberately seeking to control the country who disbelieved the coup.

Meanwhile, parts of the military coup in Turkey’s President compared with treason. Who disbelieved and rejected claims that a coup has taken control of the government, he said, are still in force in Turkey in the previous government.

Meanwhile,the military coup in Turkey after US President Barack Obama urged the country’s people’s democratic government.At the time, he said, the United States states by Turkey, a democratic  government.

In the meantime, his supporters took to the streets in support of Erdogan said. Their protests were seen in front of several militaries. On the other hand, the country’s military headquarters, including several military officers hostage. The idea of the size of the country’s army chief General hulusi there is a hostage situation.

The portion of the country’s military-backed government took Kemal Ataturk Airport. No rebel soldiers shot down a helicopter or plane tried to take off when they were asked. All of the passengers at the airport is currently closed. The firing is still going on in different places. BBC


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