Tweets replaced character counts with a group and everyone hates it

Twitter replaced character counts with a circle and everyone hates it

RIP Twitter personality counter.

Image: brittany herbert/mashable

Twitter may have just upped the character limit to 280, however, you wouldn’t know it just by looking at the tweet composer.

As portion of the update, which doubled the amount of figures you can cram into a single tweet, the business replaced its character counter having a weird circle icon that adjustments colors as you type.

And while opinions of the new personality count may be mixed, Twitter customers seem to be united in their hatred for that circle, which seems unnecessarily complicated as you can longer see how many figures you’ve actually typed.

Instead, all you see is a circle plus a small blue highlight, which grows as you type more (it really does switch back to a character count number once you get to 20 characters leftover, though).

Some speculated that Twitter may have eliminated the counter so as not to clearly encourage users to hit the 280-character limit. (Twitter said in its blog post it expects tweet length in order to “normalize” after the initial novelty would wear off.

Others noted that this circle is yet another example of Twitter creating a new feature no one asked for whilst not fixing its numerous other issues.

And while really rare that a majority of Twitter customers agree on anything, it seems the new group is easily the most hated part of the brand new Twitter update.

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