Tweets testing a feature that shows the number of are ‘talking about’ tweets

Twitter testing a feature that shows how many are ‘talking about’ tweets

Twitter is experimenting with a brand new feature that will show how many individuals are “talking about” individual, popular tweets. The particular metric shows up under some inlayed tweets when they appear elsewhere on the internet, and seems to replace both the retweet and replies totals with 1, cumulative total.

The change for embeds as seen over is just a small experiment according to Serta Jackson, a Twitter spokesperson, yet is part of Twitter’s ongoing tries to explore new ways of providing a lot more social context around tweets, he admits that.

It’s an interesting reframe associated with social metrics that might not be that will familiar or intuitive to viewers not stepped in Twitter since everyday users â€? retweets plus replies involve a bit more mental gymnastics to grasp than a simple and direct appearance of how many people are engaging with all the material.

Twitter’s simplification of the particular information, especially in embeds exactly where new users or advertisers that aren’t as familiar with the platform may stumble upon them, is a smart way to create its internal success measure a lot more externally relatable. As with all of the experiments, there’s not guarantee this will ever roll out broadly, yet it’s an interesting look at thought process about engagement metrics overall.

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