Vegas and AAA’s self-driving shuttle plan involved in crash shortly after launch

Las Vegas and AAA's self-driving shuttle program involved in crash shortly after launch

If driverless vehicles are gonna take over the planet, it should feel about as natural because taking an elevator, and, state, less risky than playing the slot machine.  

And yet. Around the first day of Las Vegas partying the historic launch of its brand new self-driving shuttle bus pilot plan, said shuttle bus promptly mixed with a semi truck. No word about what the over/under was for just how long it might take for an incident, but wish guessing that, uh, this was the particular “under” bet.  

The Navya Arma shuttle that was running in Las vegas is equipped with specialized LiDAR sensors in order to map out the road around this, cameras to pick up obstacles in its route, and GPS so its providers can track it in real time, yet none of those systems can manage other drivers on the road. Las Vegas as well as partners AAA and Keolis had been reminded of that shortly after the shuttle service took its first trip lower its 0. 6-mile, three prevent loop up and down the strip.   

The crash happened within the shuttle’s first hour of operation, in accordance a report from local Las Vegas NBC affiliate KSNV. A AAA representative responded to one of KSNV’s reporters on Twitter to clarify that the tour bus didn’t cause the collision.

Another AAA representative confirmed to Mashable that the shuttle was not damaged either, calling the incident a minor fender bender and putting an emphasis on that the system responded exactly how it will have to prevent the incident. The shuttle service drove itself around the block following the collision, but its operators took this out of service afterward.

The AAA rep told us the business and its partner Keolis are “debriefing” after the incident and running most necessary safety checks before placing the shuttle back on the road. They will called the incident a “perfect situation study” for the program, and a “a live example of the type of error that could be prevented by autonomous technology. “

Self-driving car crashes aren’t exactly uncommon, but they’re often highly published early on in the testing process, specially in such a high-profile project like the Vegas program. The shuttle will quickly return to the city’s streets, exactly where it’ll be exposed to the (apparently high-stakes) traffic environment once again.  

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