Very own a Mac? You should be traveling with this particular gadget

Own a Mac? You should be traveling with this gadget

Image: Stack Social

If you’ve done any global traveling, you probably already know that not all getting solutions are created equal. There are those that come with converters and outlet adapters…and that thing you haven’t very figured out yet. Then there are those with different outlet adapters depending on exactly where you’re going (turns out those people are super easy to lose in a suitcase).

But the Twist Plus+ World Charging Station is a pleasant departure from the typical traveling issues. All you need is the Twist to cost your devices â€? no converters and no random cords (seriously, exactly where do they even come from? ) It has an universal AC strength outlet, so you can plug it in anywhere whenever you’re traveling internationally. Once it’s plugged in, just plug in your gadgets â€? it’s got four UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS ports and a port specifically for your own MacBook, so you don’t need to go looking for outlets wherever you’re staying. Want to know the best part? It’s compact—so it doesn’t require its own suitcase.

Get the particular Twist Plus+ World Charging Place for an extra 15% off the currently discounted price when you use code SAVE15. Have a tendency need the Mac charger? After that just get the four USB stores in the more basic Twist World Getting Station.


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