Vespa shows off its first all-electric mobility scooter, the Electtrica

Vespa shows off its first all-electric scooter, the Electtrica

Vespa goes green.  

The Piaggio Team, the parent company behind the particular iconic motor scooter brand, simply announced at the Milan Motorcycle Display that Vespa will produce the first all-electric model in 2018. The Electtrica first debuted as being a concept vehicle at last year’s display, but now, as more automakers embrace electrification and release all-electric and crossbreed vehicles, the company will actually place the scooter on roads IRL.  

The EV doesn’t look greater from Vespa’s other offerings — it’s got the same design profile because the gas-powered Primavera, with a space-age chrome-and-blue color scheme in promo pictures (seven other color variations may also be produced).  

The difference is based on what the Electtrica runs on: The “Power Unit” capable of delivering four kW of juice at maximum power that the company claims will offer you performance that bests traditional 50cc scooters, especially when it comes to acceleration.  

Piaggio says the standard Electtrica model will have a range of up to 62 miles per charge, while the souped-up X variant will uses an additional generator next to the engine for double the range, at 124 miles per charge. The varies provided by the all-electric system light in comparison to some of Vespa’s more traditional automobiles, like the aforementioned Primavera, which offers regarding 206 miles on a full container of gas â€? so for the time being, riders who want to cut out fossil fuels will need to settle for shorter rides between costs.

The Electtrica won’t need any specialized charging infrastructure, although, which could make up for the limited variety. Piaggio says that owners may instead be able to fill up their trips completely by plugging the seat area cable into a standard wall-mounted electric outlet for an estimated four hrs.  

The new scooter is going to be Vespa’s first all-electric option, however the Electtrica won’t be the first e-scooter on the planet. Rivals like Gogoro, a brand that will launched out of stealth at DE TELLES in 2015, are already zipping about city streets, so Piaggio has its own catching up to do.  

Production will start next year on the Electtrica, that the Piaggio Group plans to spread around the world. The company didn’t release any kind of pricing details or any specific discharge dates, unfortunately, so it’s not precisely clear about how much it’ll set you back. We do know that the scooter is going to be available for pre-order next spring, nevertheless. Start saving up for the all-electric trip now.

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