View the Tesla Model 3 creation process in slow motion

Watch the Tesla Model 3 production process in slow motion

Tesla can be delaying a major announcement to focus on enhancing the Model 3 production procedure â€? so Elon Musk simply shared a video of the assembly range in slow motion so that you observe the company is actually working on the new vehicles.  

The automaker failed to satisfy its stated Model 3 creation goals by a wide margin final quarter, so the car’s manufacturing procedure is being called into question. The Wall Street Journal report stated production bottlenecks arose because several parts were still being created by hand, a claim Tesla provides vehemently denied.  

Musk contributed a new video of the assembly procedure on Instagram, showing his fans exactly how a Model 3 is merged in the factory. There were no human being workers in sight, unsurprisingly, but the video was much slower than you may expect from an automated set up line.  

Musk said it only showed off the process at one-tenth speed.

He added inside a tweet that the video wasn’t modified to make the process easier to follow â€? the automaker actually slowed down the availability process IRL. The line was being operate at tenth-speed so that Tesla can develop better safeguards in case of the malfunction or other accidents.

One of Musk’s fans edited the video to show the actual swiftness once production is humming together at full power.  

Tesla hopes to ramp up the Design 3 production to meet its intense goal of producing 5, 000 units per week by the end of the calendar year, a tall order after just manufacturing 260 Model 3 automobiles from July to September. The particular Model 3 could be massively essential as all-electric cars become more typical â€? but Tesla has to in fact get enough cars on the road to can even make a difference.  

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