Volvo’s new wave of electric vehicles starts with a new brand: Polestar

Volvo's new wave of electric cars starts with a new brand: Polestar

Volvo made a big commitment recording to put electric motors in all from the vehicles by 2019 â€? and today the automaker will double upon electrification with an entirely new high-class car brand.  

Volvo and it is Chinese parent company, Geely Holdings, just announced that they’ll invest regarding $755 million together to create Polestar, which will manufacture electrified vehicles within China. The new brand will be a “fully consolidated Volvo Cars subsidiary, inch focused solely on creating electrical, performance-first vehicles.

The programs for the Polestar were unveiled in a event in Shanghai, where the 1st vehicle from the brand, the Polestar 1, also made its first appearance. The brand new two-door coupé isn’t a good all-electric car, but it has a cross engine that the company claims will give you an estimated 93 miles per cost of range running on electrical power alone, which would give it more variety than any hybrid currently on the highway.  

The car boasts a carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer body and the new Öhlins Constantly Controlled Electronic Suspension (CESi), which usually lets drivers change the settings instantly to adjust to road conditions.  

The Polestar 1 also has a good ‘Electric Performance Hybrid’ drivetrain, and it’s powerful, as well â€? when its gas motor is pressed into service, the vehicle can produce up to 600 horsepower plus 1000Nm of torque.

The Polestar 1 in black.

The Polestar 1 in black.

Polestar isn’t skimping on tech, possibly. The company says the 1 depends on a new “phone-as-key” system that will allow motorists to share a virtual key along with third parties and access specific concierge services. The Polestar one is slated to begin production in the new facility China by mid-2019, just in time to be included in Volvo’s new all-electrified car lineup.  

If you’re interested in snapping up among the new hybrids, Polestar has an interesting offer for you: a flat monthly membership program, similar to the new service Volvo announced for its XC40 SUVs final month. The ordering process for your Polestar 1 will take place entirely on the internet, and the company says it will provide the cars on a two- or three-year subscription basis without a deposit charge (it’s not clear how expensive monthly obligations will be).  

As the name implies, the Polestar one is just the first of several prepared vehicles from the new brand. Following in line is the Polestar 2, started start production in mid-2019. The business says the mid-sized car would be the first all-electric vehicle from Volvo, aimed at competing with Tesla’s Design 3 sedan. A third vehicle, the particular Polestar 3, will be an all-electric SUV.  

Volvo announced that it will eventually launch three other all-electric vehicles by 2021, presumably with Volvo branding.  

You can purchase one of the new Polestar 1 vehicles now, but the company will only generate 500 â€? so if you want a top of the line hybrid that you can only order on the internet, head over to Polestar’s new website to check on it out. 978c 2021%2fthumb%2f00001



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