Warby Parker uses iPhone X’s Encounter ID to map faces for brand spanking new frames

Warby Parker uses iPhone X's Face ID to map faces for new frames

Hipster glasses business Warby Parker has always been early in order to embrace new technology.  

On Wednesday, the company rolled out an up-date to its iPhone app only for iPhone X users, that will make use of the new phone’s front-facing infrared digital camera to map the user’s encounter and get them fitted for a brand new set of frames.

The apple iphone X’s infrared camera is used because of its Face ID security, which tasks thousands of dots on an user’s encounter to distinguish one from another. Is actually what the Xbox Kinect does too.

The technology can chart the 3D depth of an encounter too, so it’s a lot more effective than superimposing a set of frames on a smooth photo of someone.

To utilize it, open the app (on the iphone X, of course) and faucet “find your fit. “

After the mapping is done, the application recommends you a series of frames this thinks will fit.

It doesn’t put the frames on your encounter, however.

Some early evaluations on the app did not spare the particular snark.

“If I had $1200 to spend on a phone that can evaluate my face to make your eyeglasses fit better, I wouldn’t need to buy glasses on-line from Warby Parker, ” said an user known as perico.

Still, props in order to Warby Parker for jumping upon that iPhone X bandwagon quick.

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