WeMo is a smart plug that allows you to manage appliances remotely

WeMo is a smart plug that allows you to control appliances remotely

Have you ever left the metal on, only to remember hours later on while you’re sitting at your desk at the office? Yeah, us too.

Upgrade your house to a smart house along with WeMo, which lets you control your own plugs via smartphone from all over the world. It’s a pretty cheap and simple method to embrace the smart home trend, and it is currently 37% off.

The WeMo Switch is a simple connect that you can insert into any shop. Once you do, just plug in any kind of appliance you like into the WeMo. With all the companion app on your device, you are able to control your appliances from anyplace. You can flip off the lights in case you forgot to turn them on before you decide to left or have your electric pot boiling so you can have hot water looking forward to tea when you get home from function. You can even schedule your appliances to show on whenever you want them to.  

WeMo also works with Alexa, so that you can have her handle the devices at the sound of your voice. This even has a security-friendly Away Setting which turns the lights off and on randomly to make it appear as if someone is definitely home and ward off intruders.

WeMo costs $55. 69, you could save $20. 72 now plus pick it up for $34. 97.

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