WhatsApp’s new ‘unsend’ feature could very well help you save from yourself

WhatsApp's new 'unsend' feature could very well save you from yourself

A new feature for WhatsApp may prevent future mortifications.

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In a good age in which so much of our conversation occurs digitally, WhatsApp, one of the most popular apps on the planet, is trying to do the part to save you from creating a total ass of yourself. These kinds of are turning on a key “unsend” function.  

That’s right: You can now remove messages you’ve sent to a group or even an individual. “This is particularly useful in case you sent a message to the wrong talk or if the message you delivered contains a mistake, ” explains WhatsApp.  

More details about the new function appear on this WhatsApp FAQ web page. There are a few handy tidbits to know before you begin drunk texting your friends this weekend break.

  • To make sure the messages are usually deleted, everyone has to be using the newest version of WhatsApp.

  • There’s still a chance the recipient can see the message before you get around in order to deleting it.

  • You refuses to get a notification of whether or not removal was successful for everyone.

So, yeah, there’s a catch. And as The Next Web noted, the function doesn’t seem to have rolled to everyone yet. Still, the fact this even is a feature is heartening.  

It’s similar to a tool folded out by Google for their Googlemail app a few years ago, though to make use of that feature, you have to click “undo” within a set amount of time after delivering the email.  

That said, in case you go back hours later and remove a terrible drunken selfie you delivered to someone, there’s still a chance might see it before you delete it.

So, while the feature may give a person chance to erase history, it doesn’t completely protect you from dumb decisions. Doing which is up to you.

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