Within China’s biggest viral game, a person clap for its president while he or she gives a speech

In China's biggest viral game, you clap for its president while he gives a speech

China’s greatest viral game this week was a good unlikely hit.

Released with the country’s 19th Party Congress upon Wednesday, the game gets you to actually clap as hard as you can in order to Chinese president, Xi Jinping, when he delivers the Communist Party’s policy for the future.

The game (link works on mobile devices only) opens using a short excerpt from Xi’s presentation, before you’re given a 19-second window to tap the display as furiously as you can in “applause. “

Image: mashable screenshot/tencent


It’s already been played millions of times in just per day.

When the game’s more than, you’re given a score plus ranking.

The game continues to be played millions of times within 24 hours of its release.

Simply titled Clap for Xi Jinping, the game was made by Tencent, among the country’s biggest social media firms, plus owner of microblogging giant Weibo.

It’s funny thinking about just how this crowdsourced, virtual applause to get Xi was possibly way more compared to he got IRL at their lengthy 3. 5 hour presentation.

Leaders in attendance yawned and dozed off during the convention event.

Jiang Zemin, previous president of China through the ’90s, captured media attention as he examined his watch throughout the speech.

The summit on Wed was massively important to the government. Kept once every five years, from the meeting where the government lays away its plan, and reshuffles management roles.

Much of the state’s activities were paused for Xi’s televised 3. 5 hour presentation, with young children in school made to sit down for the broadcast, as well.

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