Yolk’s solar-powered charger is thinner compared to your iPhone

Yolk's solar-powered charger is thinner than your iPhone

Portable chargers are a necessity for exactly how often we use our cell phones these days. Those need to be charged as well, though, and vary wildly within how long they last. The solution? Solar energy.  

Solar Paper works in fundamentally the same way as any other portable UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS charger. When you need to juice the phone just plug it to the device and it’ll charge up for you. Unlike those other products, Solar Paper is fueled simply by an unlimited and eco-friendly power source—the sun.

The ultra-thin Sun Paper is, according to creator Yolk, the most efficient solar panel on the customer market. It apparently can completely charge an iPhone in two hrs (about the same as a wall phone chrgr. ) If you move into shadow, it really is heading stop charging, but the auto-reset function means that it’ll switch back upon when back in the light.  

Each panel generates 2 . 5 w of power, so for an apple iphone that takes a 5-watt charge you require two panels. The additional panels link magnetically so more panels indicates more power. For example , most tablets require 10 watts, so to charge a good iPad you’d need four sections.  

You don’t need to be outdoors to use Solar Paper—Yolk has a movie showing someone using it in an aircraft window—but you do need bright sunshine. It’s definitely most useful for backpackers, campers, and other outdoor adventurers. Among taking pictures and using GPS, your mobile phone can drain pretty quickly and also you don’t want to be caught with a lifeless battery if you get lost or have to call for help.

Each Sun Paper panel comes with holes punched in the corners so you can hang your own solar charger on your backpack to help keep charging on the go.

Solar Paper in the wild.

Any gadget that charges via USB could be charged with Solar Paper. Amazon . com reviewers say they have charged their own Kindles and GoPros in addition to their own phones and tablets.  

Originally funded on Kickstarter, where this raised over $1 million, Solar Papers is now available on Amazon. You can purchase two, three, or four sections depending on your needs and each order has a convenient pouch for storage.  



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