You might soon be able to send text messages from a Chromebook

You may soon be able to send text messages from a Chromebook

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If you have a Chromebook, you no longer have an excuse to disregard your friends’ texts. Android almost eight. 1 includes a new “SMS Connect” feature that will allow you to send plus receive text messages on your computer.  

The feature is an APK, which you may have the ability to launch and set up via a task browser. You may also need to enable this on Chrome, by typing “chrome: //flags” into your address bar plus turning on “Enable Multidevice functions. “ 

The operative word the following is “may. ” This new function was first spotted on a developer examine of Android 8. 1 simply by Ars Technica and Chrome Unboxed, neither of whom could get this to work.

It seems that, for the moment, the buttons are a placeholder for the feature that is to come in the complete version. Still, the nod in order to such an update is exciting.  

Whether the function will be allowed on all Android phones or even exclusively the Google Pixel is unclear. It’s also not clear how text notices will be delivered. They could come in textual content onscreen, as do iMessages in macOS, or could potentially be incorporated in to Google Assistant.  

It’s currently possible for Mac users to send plus receive from a Macbook using iMessage. But you can only iMessage other apple iphone users who also have iMessage allowed. If Chrome OS can send out texts to all phone users, instead of just users of Google -pixel or Android, Google’s new function could serve as a more versatile substitute.  

But whatever you do, no longer tell your annoying friends about this function, or you’ll have to stop pretending which you didn’t see their messages. 4c4b 2b31%2fthumb%2f00001

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