Your own commute just turned into a workout program on this train

Your commute just turned into a workout session on this train

The “Idea Train” is pulling into the place and with it comes workout stations, the children’s lounge, and relaxation spaces.

Deutsche Bahn, a German born rail system, recently revealed the concept train of the future. It includes a lot of amenities because the company anticipates long term trains will be competing with self-driving cars. The appeal of the teach as a place to read and function will be eliminated when riders can perform the same thing in an autonomous car.

So the train company needs to step up its game. As Db said on its site concerning the train (translated by Google), “Train travel must be more fun again and turn into an experience! “

This has motivated the train company to build up a roughly 90-foot-long double-decker design to show what this future teach travel could look like â€? even though right now it’s just a concept but not chugging through the Bavarian countryside however.

Take a look, even if you miss German you’ll understand what each part of the train is for:  

Below is a gallery of pictures showing stationary bikes to work out on the commute, private rooms, rotating chair to look out panoramic windows, the snack car, and a kids’ perform area. Entertainment consoles let cyclists play games, huge screens are usually perfect for watching that big football match.  

This is not your own ordinary train.

The teach has not left the station however â€? the railway company desires feedback on its design. After that its all aboard the teach of the future. Don’t forget your gym soft towel.

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