YouTubers put $1, 000 iPhone By through drop tests

YouTubers put $1,000 iPhone X through drop tests

The iPhone By is finally in peoples’ fingers, and right on cue, some dehydrated idiots customers are already dropping their own $1, 000 phones on the cement… for testing purposes, of course.

Why you’d ever intentionally damage an iPhone X is beyond me personally, but I guess somebody out there has to test how durable Apple’s latest phone is.

One this kind of video recently uploaded to Youtube . com shows a dude willfully increasing his iPhone X above their head, then dropping it right to the ground, letting it smash on the cement and shattering most of its back side.

Needless to say, however, strongest types of glass can’t endure this kind of drop. After the first fall in the video, the iPhone X’s edge-to-edge display mostly remains crack-free aside from a few nicks in the corners.

After flinging it in the air an additional time, the glass back can be shattered, exposing bits and pieces of the equipment. The dude then goes up towards the phone and rips out the particular wireless charging component from the back again. Yikes!

It’s extremely cringe-worthy and another great reminder that these brand new iPhones are way more fragile compared to last year’s models. You should certainly buy a case for your iPhone By, even if you hate using one. You must also get AppleCare or some kind of gadget protection plan. Otherwise, you’re going to be hurting from Apple’s crazy out-of-warranty repair costs.  

And because this is the internet, and because this can be a new iPhone, there are plenty other fools dropping their new iPhone X’s â€? most of which look like artificial dummy models â€? in hopes associated with going viral. That AdSense cash better be worth it.

But our favorite drop test to surface area today is easily this kid’s. Is actually totally 100 percent legit:

Gotta give the kid credit score for creativity, right? b735 64b9%2fthumb%2f00001

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