Zelda Halloween costumes will make you the hero associated with Hyrule

Zelda Halloween costumes will make you the hero of Hyrule

If you are considering a Halloween costume that’s instantly identifiable but not totally played out, Let me humbly suggest looking to Legend associated with Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The very best video game of the year (don’t @ me, Destiny fans) is well-known enough that everyone will get this, but not so recently released there will be 30 other Links at the Halloween party.

ThinkGeek has got you covered with officially-licensed Zelda equipment for all of your Halloween needs. In case you are dressing up as Link, you can’t get it wrong with the champion’s tunic. While it might not show monsters’ health, you will be instantly recognized as the Hylian champion. The particular tunic is long sleeved which usually does lose it authenticity factors, but October is (typically) frosty and this way you can wear it all fall months long, not just on Halloween. Simply roll up the sleeves and level it over this sweater depicting Link’s armbands and hood to get added authenticity and warmth.

What’s a champion without their tools? You probably shouldn’t attempt to protect surf on this Traveler’s Shield, however it does have some useful perks the in-game shield doesn’t. It increases as a backpack (or candy receptacle), which is probably a little more practical. You can even rock a Sheikah Slate in your hip just in case there was any query that you’re the hero of story. This one is actually a notebook — handy to get jotting down all the numbers you’ll be obtaining because your costume is so cool.

If you’re a Zelda SAMT, you can still get the iconic eco-friendly tunic. There’s even a romper edition because of course the ladies costume provides gotta be sexy *commence huge eye roll. * Unfortunately ThinkGeek doesn’t stock the Master Blade and Hylian Shield anymore however, you know Amazon has everything so that you can try there.

There’s nevertheless time to order your officially-licensed Legend of Zelda costume for this Halloween night. No guarantees you’ll find the little princess, but you’ll definitely win several costume contests.


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